Azure CI/CD Pipelines (Build/Release)
By: Date: 26/04/2022 Categories: azure Tags:

Azure separates the process of CI/CD using two pipelines build pipeline(CI) and release pipeline(CD) Build Pipeline In build pipeline you care about how to build and customize your artifact the way you want. For example if you have a spring boot application in your azure repo, you should make a task to jar your application…

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CloudHealth Basics
By: Date: 20/04/2022 Categories: VMware Tags:

How does CloudHealth do this? CloudHealth ingests and aggregates data from cloud providers, containerized or on-premises environments, and third-party integration tools, to become your single source of truth for multi–cloud management. Our platform helps customers tackle their cloud challenges by simplifying financial management, streamlining operations, and improving collaboration across multi-cloud environments.  But what does that mean? How does CloudHealth…

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vRealize Network Insight 6.6
By: Date: 20/04/2022 Categories: VMware Tags:

In vRealize Network Insight 6.6, we introduce a new feature that allows you to focus on your Crown Jewels (Mission critical entities such as VMs or Physical IPs within your multi-cloud infrastructure that require threat protection). The Crown Jewels can be added and managed within vRealize Network Insight, as shown in Figure 1 below. Once…

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Configuring HTTPS Endpoints on AWS Lambda Functions with AWS Lambda Function URLs
By: Date: 20/04/2022 Categories: AWS,AWScommunity Tags:

Introduction There are a few things to consider when deciding when to use a function URL versus building an API Gateway endpoint. Function URLs are best suited for single-function microservices with a public endpoint that doesn’t require the advanced functionality of API Gateway. Function URLs can be used to apply the following patterns: Mono-Lambda APIs:…

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Creating an Elastic Beanstalk App & Environment
By: Date: 18/04/2022 Categories: AWS Tags:

Introduction Since you will be performing both a rolling and blue-green deployment in this lab, it makes sense to use the best tool AWS makes available for the job. For controlled deployments and efficient deployment services of code on EC2 instances, AWS Elastic Beanstalk provides a superior interaction model and developer tools experience. In this lab…

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Amazon ECR Pulling an Image
By: Date: 04/04/2022 Categories: AWS,AWScommunity Tags:

To run a Docker image that is available in Amazon ECR, you can pull it to your local environment with the docker pull command.   1. From an EC2 instance/Workstation, run the below command as mentioned here [1] to install AWS CLI       ———–       curl “” -o “”       unzip       sudo ./aws/install       ———– …

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Deploy a Citrix ADC VPX standalone instance on AWS
By: Date: 25/02/2022 Categories: Citrix

You can deploy a Citrix ADC VPX standalone instance on AWS by using the following options: AWS web console Citrix-authored CloudFormation template AWS CLI This topic describes the procedure for deploying a Citrix ADC VPX instance on AWS. Before you start your deployment, read the following topics: Prerequisites Limitation and usage guidelines Deploy a Citrix…

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AMAZON WEB SERVICES Announcements January 2022
By: Date: 08/02/2022 Categories: AWS Tags:

AMAZON WEB SERVICES Announcements January 2022 what’s new for you Featured Announcements   Amazon EMR on EKS releases Custom Image Validation Tool to simplify testing of your customized docker container images Amazon ECS launches new simplified console experience for creating ECS clusters and task definitions Amazon RDS Proxy is now available in 8…

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VMware Tanzu Community Edition (Kpack)
By: Date: 26/01/2022 Categories: VMware Tags:

Kpack, a Kubernetes-native container build platform, is a powerful tool that helps DevSecOps teams build and update containers automatically. It is already a core component of VMware’s commercial container build offering, VMware Tanzu Build Service. VMware Tanzu Community Edition, the freely available, open source distribution of the Kubernetes-based Tanzu platform With the addition of kpack, Tanzu Community Edition…

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Apply Citrix ADC VPX configurations at the first boot of the Citrix ADC appliance in the cloud
By: Date: 25/01/2022 Categories: Citrix

You can apply the Citrix ADC VPX configurations during the first boot of the Citrix ADC appliance in a cloud environment. This stage is addressed as the preboot stage in this document. Therefore in certain cases like ADC pooled licensing, a specific VPX instance is brought up in much lesser time. This feature is available in Microsoft…

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Autoscale Your Application with vRealize Operations Webhooks
By: Date: 13/01/2022 Categories: VMware

The Use Case In our demo lab, we have a live demonstration using a simple, two-tier application. This application is an e-commerce shopping cart deployed from vRealize Automation and monitored by vRealize Operations (and Log Insight and vRealize Network Insight). Here is the application topology as viewed in Service Broker: The web tier can scale…

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Terraform VCD Provider 3.5.0
By: Date: 13/01/2022 Categories: VMware Tags:

New Terraform VMware Cloud Director Provider release – 3.5.0 with support for tenant operations for the NSX-T Advanced Load Balancer (ALB) and many other features. Additional way of connecting to VCD with API Token VCD 10.3.1 adds the capability of generating an API access token for provider and tenant. These tokens cannot be used directly to authenticate against a VCD: users should first exchange the token for…

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Use AzCopy
By: Date: 31/12/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

An alternative method for transferring data is AzCopy. AzCopy v10 is the next-generation command-lineutility for copying data to/from Microsoft Azure Blob and File storage, which offers a redesigned command-line interface and new architecture for high-performance reliable data transfers. Using AzCopy, youcan copy data between a file system and a storage account, or between storage accounts….

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Azure Announcement in December 2021
By: Date: 28/12/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

Microsoft Azure Announcement December 2021 learn2skills Welcome to Azure Compute Covering:  Azure CycleCloud, Azure Dedicated Host, Azure Functions, Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple, Batch, Cloud Services, Linux Virtual Machines, SAP HANA on Azure Large Instances, Service Fabric, Virtual Machines, Virtual Machine Scale Sets  Azure HPC – CycleCloud 8.2.1 is now generally available  Azure VMware SDDC…

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AWS- Announcements December 2021
By: Date: 25/12/2021 Categories: AWS Tags:

AMAZON WEB SERVICES by Learn2Skills News Updated- December-2021 what’s new for you Featured Announcements Amazon EC2 C6i instances are now available in 10 additional regions Read More Amazon EC2 R6i instances are now available in 8 additional regions Read More Amazon EC2 M6i instances are now available in 2 additional regions Read More Amazon Nimble…

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Configure log sources to forward logs to vRealize Log Insight Cloud
By: Date: 22/12/2021 Categories: VMware Tags:

I will describe the following for vRealize Log Insight Cloud  What is a Log Source ?  A log source is component (hardware or software) which generates log data. It could be either a physical (server, storage, or network) device in your private cloud or any software/tool running in private/public cloud.   Following table illustrates some of the…

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New in vRealize Network Insight Cloud and vRealize Network Insight 6.4 for NSX-T 3.2
By: Date: 10/12/2021 Categories: VMware

vRealize Network Insight Cloud is available as a SaaS or on-premises solution for end-to-end network visibility, troubleshooting, and analytics. It works closely with NSX-T 3.2. vRealize Network Insight Cloud also helps optimize multi-cloud network performance with troubleshooting capabilities for applications, virtual machines, physical servers, or Kubernetes. NSX Federation Customers use NSX Federation to scale across…

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DR and Migration Plan for VMware Cloud Director
By: Date: 01/12/2021 Categories: vExpert,VMware Tags:

VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.3 presents the DR and Migration Plans. This new feature will help Providers and their tenants define the exact steps to perform during failover or migration.  There is a new menu called Recovery Plans where both DR and Migration plans can be created. Even though tenants can also access this menu, it is not available…

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Deploy Azure Kubernetes Services
By: Date: 30/11/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

Azure Kubernetes Service is a managed Kubernetes cluster in Azure, Users are only required to manage and maintain agent nodes. Features Include in AKS. Advanced Networking Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Identity and Security Management Container health logs and monitoring GPU-enabled nodes AKS Terminology Pools are groups of nodes with identical configurations.Nodes are individual virtual…

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