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Horizon on Azure VMware Solution Configuration
By: Date: 09/09/2022 Categories: VMware Tags:

Deploying Horizon with Azure VMware Solution This section covers specific information for deploying Horizon on Azure VMware Solution. Configuring Azure VMware Solution for Horizon Deployment At a high-level, the following steps are required to deploy Horizon with Azure VMware Solution: Create a Private Cloud. See the Azure VMware Solution documentation. The recommendation for a production environment is to…

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VMware Cloud Ready Framework
By: Date: 26/06/2022 Categories: VMware Tags:

We can summarize this approach into a 3-step recurring cycle that aligns with significant changes to overall business strategies within an organization. Review and define current business goals. Identify technical solutions that address the business goals, design/build the final solution, and adjust operations to manage the implementation. Evolve the solution as needed per minor changes…

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VMware Solution in Oracle Cloud
By: Date: 23/05/2022 Categories: VMware Tags:

The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) is a customer-managed, VMware Cloud Verified environment consisting of vSphere, vSAN, NSX-T, and vCenter Server.  Customers have full control of their VMware environments, while leveraging the capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution provides bare metal compute, advanced L2 Network, and storage-rich infrastructure to deliver a full-fidelity VMware service…

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CloudHealth Basics
By: Date: 20/04/2022 Categories: VMware Tags:

How does CloudHealth do this? CloudHealth ingests and aggregates data from cloud providers, containerized or on-premises environments, and third-party integration tools, to become your single source of truth for multi–cloud management. Our platform helps customers tackle their cloud challenges by simplifying financial management, streamlining operations, and improving collaboration across multi-cloud environments.  But what does that mean? How does CloudHealth…

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VMware Tanzu Community Edition (Kpack)
By: Date: 26/01/2022 Categories: VMware Tags:

Kpack, a Kubernetes-native container build platform, is a powerful tool that helps DevSecOps teams build and update containers automatically. It is already a core component of VMware’s commercial container build offering, VMware Tanzu Build Service. VMware Tanzu Community Edition, the freely available, open source distribution of the Kubernetes-based Tanzu platform With the addition of kpack, Tanzu Community Edition…

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Terraform VCD Provider 3.5.0
By: Date: 13/01/2022 Categories: VMware Tags:

New Terraform VMware Cloud Director Provider release – 3.5.0 with support for tenant operations for the NSX-T Advanced Load Balancer (ALB) and many other features. Additional way of connecting to VCD with API Token VCD 10.3.1 adds the capability of generating an API access token for provider and tenant. These tokens cannot be used directly to authenticate against a VCD: users should first exchange the token for…

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Configure log sources to forward logs to vRealize Log Insight Cloud
By: Date: 22/12/2021 Categories: VMware Tags:

I will describe the following for vRealize Log Insight Cloud  What is a Log Source ?  A log source is component (hardware or software) which generates log data. It could be either a physical (server, storage, or network) device in your private cloud or any software/tool running in private/public cloud.   Following table illustrates some of the…

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DR and Migration Plan for VMware Cloud Director
By: Date: 01/12/2021 Categories: vExpert,VMware Tags:

VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.3 presents the DR and Migration Plans. This new feature will help Providers and their tenants define the exact steps to perform during failover or migration.  There is a new menu called Recovery Plans where both DR and Migration plans can be created. Even though tenants can also access this menu, it is not available…

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Pods fail to attach or detach volumes
By: Date: 26/10/2021 Categories: VMware Tags:

When using the vSphere CSI driver in a multi cluster Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI) environment, pods start failing to attach or detach volumes.  Cause The vSphere CSI driver uses the cluster-id for the volume create spec. If there are multiple kubernetes clusters in the same vSphere using the same cluster-id, each time one of…

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vRealize Automation Learn Sites
By: Date: 25/10/2021 Categories: VMware Tags:

New learn sites that focus on each of the services in vRealize Automation, all accessible from the Learn vRealize Automation portal: Learn vRealize Automation Learn Cloud Assembly Learn Code Stream Learn Service Broker Learn SaltStack Config Learn Orchestrator These new developer-focussed sites aim to provide in-depth resources as a living technical reference for each service,…

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VMware 2021 VMworld keynote
By: Date: 12/10/2021 Categories: VMware Tags:

Tanzu Community Edition (Tanzu Community Edition) VMware Tanzu Community Edition is a full-featured, easy-to-manage Kubernetes platform for learners and users VMware SASE VMware CASB VMware Cloud Director 10.3 release (Not unique for VMworld, but still fairly new –> Just Released VMware Cloud Director 10.3 – Partner News ) VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Now Supports NVIDIA GPUs in Amazon Web…

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Planning & Preparation for Site Protection and Disaster Recovery with VMware Cloud Foundation
By: Date: 10/10/2021 Categories: VMware Tags:

Enabling Site Protection The Site Protection and Disaster Recovery Solution is enabled with a new drop-down option found in the VMware Cloud Foundation Planning and Preparation Workbook. This new drop-down provides you several options: Exclude: If you don’t want this VCF instance to participate in any Site Protection and Disaster Recovery relationship with another instance…

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How to configure vCloud Usage Meter 4.4 LDAP Authentication #VMware
By: Date: 10/10/2021 Categories: VMware Tags:

PurposeThe following information provides a sample configuration on how to get an LDAP setup with Usage Meter.  Resolution Pre-requisites: A configured LDAP server. Procedure Below is the sample configuration of a user LDAP authentication with Usage Meter. Replace the contents of /ec/nslcd.conf with information from your environment. See the example below: root@photon-machine [ /etc ]# cat /etc/nslcd.conf…

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New VMware Cloud Ready Framework (VMCRF)
By: Date: 12/09/2021 Categories: VMware Tags:

To start, we are releasing the first of the five VMCRF pillars, Plan. This pillar provides the necessary guidance to help organizations start preparing for their transformative initiative.  which also includes the VMware Cloud Infrastructure Service providers: VMware Cloud on AWS Azure VMware Solution Google Cloud VMware Engine Oracle Cloud VMware Solution The Plan pillar…

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