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Configuration Management using vSphere Configuration Profiles
By: Date: 14/01/2023 Categories: VMware Tags:

With vSphere 7.0, VMware launched a feature called vSphere Lifecycle Manager Images (vLCM), which uses a declarative model, to holistically define the desired state of the ESXi host image, including the target ESXi version, firmware & drivers. This feature enables all the ESXi hosts, to adhere to the desired state; by enforcing consistency across the…

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Installing and upgrading the latest version of VMware Tools on existing hosts
By: Date: 21/08/2022 Categories: VMware Tags:

Steps to install or upgrade VMware Tools for existing VMware ESXi hosts to the latest version of VMware Tools. Besides the traditional approach of installing and upgrading VMware Tools bundled with VMware ESXi, the following approaches are also supported to install or upgrade to the latest version of VMware Tools regardless of VMware ESXi version….

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vSphere Lifecycle Manager UI – what’s new in vSphere 7.0 update releases
By: Date: 27/10/2021 Categories: VMware Tags:

Since its introduction in vSphere 7.0.GA, vSphere Lifecycle Manager (VLCM) User Interface for vSphere Client (HTML-based) was gradually improved through subsequent update releases. Let’s see some of the features that have been added since it was released. Importing image from a host while creating a cluster, you can now choose an ESXi host to extract the…

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