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How to Enable soft delete policy in Azure Container Registry
Soft delete policies are available in Azure Container Registry (ACR) to recover accidentally deleted artifacts. The feature is available to all service tiers (SKUs) The Soft delete policy can be …
Install Kusto Query Engine in Docker container
Azure Data Explorer offering: the Kusto Emulator is a local environment Docker Container that encapsulating the Kusto Query Engine, it doesn't require provisioning Azure services or incurring any cost. Prerequisites …
Manage secrets in Azure Container Apps
Container Apps offer integrated secret management that you can use to store your secrets. You can use the secrets for storing connection strings for KEDA-based scale triggers or pass them as environment …
Dynamic performance scaling with autotuning for OCI Block Storage
Dynamic performance scaling with autotuning for block storage is an industry-first capability available only on OCI. Other cloud providers offer temporary storage performance burst, which isn’t predictable, steady, or sticky. …
Horizon on Azure VMware Solution Configuration
Deploying Horizon with Azure VMware Solution This section covers specific information for deploying Horizon on Azure VMware Solution. Configuring Azure VMware Solution for Horizon Deployment At a high-level, the following …
How vSphere with Tanzu Integrates with vSphere Storage
vSphere with Tanzu uses several components to integrate with vSphere storage. Cloud Native Storage (CNS) on vCenter ServerThe CNS component resides in vCenter Server. It is an extension of vCenter Server management that implements provisioning …
Configuring Microsoft Dev Box
Microsoft Dev Box supports any developer IDE, SDK, or tool that runs on Windows. Developers can target any development workload that can be built from Windows including desktop, mobile, IoT, …
Persistent Storage in vSphere with Tanzu
Certain Kubernetes workloads require persistent storage to store data permanently. To provision persistent storage for Kubernetes workloads, vSphere with Tanzu integrates with Cloud Native Storage (CNS), a vCenter Server component that manages persistent volumes. …

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Azure October updates

Azure October updates

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