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Set up Azure CNI overlay networking in Azure Kubernetes Service
The cluster nodes are deployed into an Azure Virtual Network (VNet) subnet when using Azure CNI Overlay, but IP addresses for pods are obtained from a private CIDR that is …
New- Amazon EKS and Amazon EKS Distro now support Kubernetes version 1.26
#AWS is excited to announce that you can now use Amazon EKS and Amazon EKS Distro to run Kubernetes version 1.26. You can create new 1.26 clusters or upgrade your …
Accessing a private AKS cluster using the command invoke
You must establish a connection to the private AKS cluster either through the cluster virtual network, a peer network, or a configured private endpoint in order to access the cluster. …
Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Data Encryption with a Customer-managed Key
For the #Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible server, data encryption with customer-managed passwords is configured at the server level. The data encryption key for the service is encrypted for a …
Deploying Go Applications to AWS App Runner
AWS App Runner simplifies the process of deploying new versions of their code or image repository. They can easily push their code to the repository, and App Runner will automatically …
The Amazon VPC Resource Map
However, after the creation of the VPC, the diagram that was available during the creation experience that many of our customers loved was no longer available. Today we are changing …
Amazon ECS Service Connect Enabling Between Microservices
Amazon Elastic Container Services (Amazon ECS) customers have several solutions for service-to-service, but each one comes with some challenges and complications:1) Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) needs to carefully plan for …
How to configure RDP shortpaths for Azure Virtual Desktops
A supported Windows Remote Desktop client and session host can establish a direct UDP-based connection by using the RDP Shortpath functionality of Azure Virtual Desktop. To activate RDP Shortpath, you …
Deploy Nitro Enclaves from a Kubernetes pod.
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service to orchestrate, scale, and deploy Nitro Enclaves from a Kubernetes pod. Kubernetes is an open source platform for container orchestration. The following diagram provides a conceptual overview …

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