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Configure cluster egress with outbound types in Azure Kubernetes Service
An AKS cluster's egress can be tailored to meet certain needs. AKS will automatically supply a standard SKU load balancer for egress setup and use. However, if public IP addresses …
Standard for Project Management
What are process groups? The five process groups are the following: Initiation Planning Execution Monitoring and controlling Closing the project or phase Each of the process groups describes the actions that …
Troubleshoot Backup and restore of the Kubernetes service in Azure
Solutions for installation errors with the AKS Backup Extension Scenario 1 Error message: {Helm installation from path [] for release [azure-aks-backup] failed with the following error: err [release azure-aks-backup failed, …
VM restore points using APIs
You may apply granular backup and retention settings with ease by using the Azure VM restoration point APIs. For virtual machines (VMs) running Linux or Windows, VM restoration points offer …
AWS re:invent 2023 Recap
Amazon Q AI assistant: GenAI-base chat tool and AI assistant where knowledge workers can query via NLP using their data. Amazon Q integration w/ Amazon Connect: Automatically create post-call summaries and support …
Container Insights for Syslog Collection
You may gather Syslog events from Linux nodes in your Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) clusters using Container Insights. One feature of this is the ability to gather logs from components …
Bring your own keys (BYOK) with Azure managed disks in AKS
When a managed disk is at rest, Azure encrypts all of the data. Default encryption for data uses keys managed by Microsoft. You can provide customer-managed keys to encrypt data …
AKS image cleaner vulnerable images are detected and removed
There could be security risks with these images due to potential flaws.  To remove security risks in your clusters, you can clean these unreferenced images. Manually cleaning images can be …
Auto-upgrade scheduled maintenance for AKS
The AKS releases are referred to as AKS initiated maintenance. These releases are your clusters' weekly rounds of bug fixes, feature updates, and component upgrades. The kinds of routine maintenance …

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