Troubleshoot Backup and restore of the Kubernetes service in Azure
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Solutions for installation errors with the AKS Backup Extension

Scenario 1

Error message:

{Helm installation from path [] for release [azure-aks-backup] failed with the following error: err [release azure-aks-backup failed, and has been uninstalled due to atomic being set: failed post-install: timed out waiting for the condition]} occurred while doing the operation: {Installing the extension} on the config"`

Cause: The extension has been installed successfully, but the pods aren’t spawning. This happens because the required compute and memory aren’t available for the pods.

Resolution: To resolve the issue, increase the number of nodes in the cluster. This allows sufficient compute and memory to be available for the pods to spawn. To scale node pool on Azure portal, follow these steps:

  1. On the Azure portal, open the AKS cluster.
  2. Go to Node pools under Settings.
  3. Select Scale node pool, and then update the minimum and maximum values on the Node count range.
  4. Select Apply.

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