Custom domain names and certificates in Azure Container Apps
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Azure Container Apps allows you to bind one or more custom domains.

  • Every domain name must be associated with a domain certificate.
  • Certificates are applied to the container app environment and are bound to individual container apps. You must have role-based access to the environment to add certificates.
  • SNI domain certificates are required.
  • Ingress must be enabled for the container app

Add a custom domain

  1. Go to  Azure portal -> Navigate to the container app
  2. Verify that your app has ingress enabled by selecting Ingress in the Settings section. If ingress is not enabled, enable it with these steps:
    1. Set HTTP Ingress to Enabled.
    2. Select the desired Ingress traffic setting.
    3. Enter the Target port.
    4. Select Save.
  3. Under the Settings section, select Custom domains.
  4. Select the Add custom domain button.
  5. Next, add the DNS records shown on this window to your domain via your domain provider’s website.
  6. Once the required DNS records are created on your domain provider’s account, select the Validate button.

Managing certificates

Private key certificates (.pfx & .pem) can be used for TLS/SSL bindings and can be loaded to the certificate store for your app to consume. Uploaded certificates are not available for manual download from the Azure Management Portal; they can only be used by your app hosted on Container Apps after the required App Settings are set properly or used for TLS/SSL.

  1. Go to  Azure portal -> Navigate to the container app
  2. Under the Settings section, select Custom domains.
  3. Select the Add custom domain button.
  4. Once the DNS records are Validated.
  5. Bind certificate + add tab, Select an existing certificate from the list or select the Create new link.