Run your container apps anywhere with Azure Container Apps on Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes
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Developers may quickly create and deploy microservices and containerized apps with Azure Container Apps. Without having to deal with Kubernetes’ complexity, developers can take advantage of the highly optimized developer productivity features of Azure Container Apps, while operators can offer developers a platform that is extremely productive while still maintaining ultimate control over the Kubernetes cluster.

Azure Container Apps can be used for the following purposes:

  • Deploying API endpoints
  • Hosting background processing applications
  • Handling event-driven processing
  • Running microservices

Azure Arc lets you run container applications anywhere

Developers frequently need to provide unique solutions for application hosting, data hosting, monitoring, security, and DevOps automation as they start to target additional environments that are on-premises, on the edge, or multi-cloud.

Using Azure Arc’s portable Container App services, developers can save time when developing hybrid applications. Applications and their data can now run anywhere using fully managed cloud services when combined with Arc-enabled data services like Azure PostgreSQL and Azure SQL, an industry first.

IT administrators gain the desired control of the underlying hardware and environment by deploying an Arc extension on the Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes cluster, while enabling the high productivity of Azure Container Apps services in hybrid environments.

Developers can control, monitor, and update their Azure Container Apps using the same management experiences provided by the Azure Portal, ARM, and Azure CLI, whether they are deployed in the fully managed Azure Container Apps service or, eventually, on their own clusters using Azure Container Apps on Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes. Container revisions, autoscaling (autoscaling is ultimately constrained by resources available within the customer’s Kubernetes cluster.) based on any KEDA-supported scale triggers, traffic splitting, and Dapr support are already available.

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