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Configuring Microsoft Dev Box
By: Date: 27/08/2022 Categories: azure Tags:

Microsoft Dev Box supports any developer IDE, SDK, or tool that runs on Windows. Developers can target any development workload that can be built from Windows including desktop, mobile, IoT, and web applications. Microsoft Dev Box even supports building cross-platform apps thanks to Windows Subsystem for Linux and Windows Subsystem for Android. Remote access gives…

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Kubernetes Networking in Azure
By: Date: 29/04/2022 Categories: azure Tags: ,

We evaluated multiple possible architectures and finally chose the one that was best by many parameters. We hope this post will help people setting up their own Azure clusters with decent networking. First let’s look at the available options for Kubernetes networking in Azure. Calico with BGP The first option was to use default Calico…

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Azure CI/CD Pipelines (Build/Release)
By: Date: 26/04/2022 Categories: azure Tags:

Azure separates the process of CI/CD using two pipelines build pipeline(CI) and release pipeline(CD) Build Pipeline In build pipeline you care about how to build and customize your artifact the way you want. For example if you have a spring boot application in your azure repo, you should make a task to jar your application…

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Azure Key vault can’t access
By: Date: 17/08/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

Problem Statement: As a tenant administrator you can’t inspect KeyVault contents created by other people (“you are unauthorized to view these contents”). Solution: You can assign appropriate permission in access policies. Go to Azure portal>Key vaults>Settings>Access Policies Click “Add Access plocies” Key permissions: Select all under “Key Management Operations” and “Cryptographic Operations” Select yourself as…

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Azure App Service on Linux
By: Date: 16/08/2021 Categories: azure Tags: ,

App Service on Linux to host web apps natively on Linux for supported application stacks. To view the latest languages and supported versions Run az webapp list-runtimes –linux Currently supported featuresLimitationsTroubleshoot performance issuesContinuous deployment to Azure App Service Currently supported features Deployments FTP Local Git GitHub Bitbucket Languages and frameworks Node.js Java PHP Python .NET…

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Action required: upgrade your AML cluster to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS by 30 April 2021
By: Date: 23/04/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

Azure Machine Learning (AML) is an enterprise grade service that provides compute infrastructure for your ML needs. Azure Machine Learning’s managed-compute infrastructure allows you to easily create a compute instance (CI) or a single or multi-node compute cluster. Starting 30 April 2021, Ubuntu is ending standard support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (read more on the Ubuntu release blog) and as a result, Microsoft will replace…

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Log Analytics Windows Agent for Winter 2021 now generally available
By: Date: 13/04/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

The Log Analytics Windows Agent for Winter 2021 is now available. This release contains a new troubleshooting tool andchanges to how the agent handles certificate changes in Azure Services. As always, we suggest using the latest agent available. If you have installed the Log Analytics Agent for Windows by using Azure extensions and have automatic extension updates turned on, this update…

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