Multicloud with OCI and Azure
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Oracle Database Service for Azure

Oracle Database Service for Azure is an Oracle-managed multicloud service that enables customers to easily set up and use high performance, scalable Oracle databases running on OCI for their Azure applications. Azure customers can easily deploy Oracle Database running on OCI through the Oracle Database Service for Azure portal using a streamlined experience for establishing low latency OCI-Azure connectivity, virtual networks, and federated identity management. Database logs and metrics from OCI integrate into Azure to simplify monitoring and management. Customers can initiate support requests for the environment through either Microsoft or Oracle.

Oracle Database Service for Azure diagram

Seamless and secure interoperability

Familiar Azure-native user experience

Automated identity, networking, and monitoring integration

Private interconnect and networking

Use Microsoft Azure services with OCI databases together

Collaborative support

Enterprise-grade cloud services

<2 ms latency private interconnect – suitable for nearly any app

Zero downtime high availability with native Oracle RAC
Scales up to 31 PB data warehouses and 10 million+ SQL IOPS

Completely hands-off, multi-modal Autonomous Database

How does the Oracle Database Service for Azure Work?