Azure Container Apps environment Setup zone redundancy
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Zone redundancy must be enabled when creating a container app environment. Your environment must contain a virtual network (VNet) with an infrastructure subnet. To properly distribute replicas, you must configure the minimum and a maximum number of app replicas to a value divisible by 3. The minimum number of replicas should be 3 or more.

To improve the reliability of your Azure zones, you can create a redundant zone configuration via the Azure portal.

To create a container application in a zone-redundant enabled environment using the Azure portal:

  1. Go to the Azure portal.
  2. From the search box for Container Apps.
  3. Select Container Apps.
  4. Create New in the Container Apps Environment field to open the Create Container Apps Environment panel.
  5. Enter the environment name.
  6. Enabled for the Zone redundancy.
Container APP
Container APP Environment

Zone Redundancy required a virtual network with an infrastructure subnet. You can choose an existing VNET or create a new one. When creating a new VNET, you can accept the defaults or customize them.

  1. Go to Networking tab.
  2. To assign a custom VNET name, select Create New in the Virtual Network field.
  3. In the Infrastructure subnet field, select create new to assign a custom name to your infrastructure subnet.
  4. You can choose Internal or External for the Virtual IP.
  5. Select Create.

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