Dynamic performance scaling with autotuning for OCI Block Storage
By: Date: 11/09/2022 Categories: oci,OracleCloud

Dynamic performance scaling with autotuning for block storage is an industry-first capability available only on OCI. Other cloud providers offer temporary storage performance burst, which isn’t predictable, steady, or sticky. Their burst performance is limited to specific storage tiers, isn’t comprehensive across their multiple storage tiers, and doesn’t come with a performance service level agreement (SLA).

In OCI, the dynamic performance scaling range for a volume is customizable across the entire performance options that you configure and are sticky, predictable, and steady with submillisecond latencies as your workloads demand. The performance of a volume dynamically scales up or down across the entire performance options you configure and control. You now have a choice to manage the performance of each of your volumes for your dynamic workload demand: Either manually set, monitor, and adjust the performance as before, or enable dynamic performance scaling with autotuning and let us manage it for you. Regardless of which option you choose and the settings you configure, you can always revise them anytime as needed without impacting your running workloads. When a volume is adjusted to a certain performance level, the performance of the volume is covered by the performance SLA as before. Dynamic performance scaling with autotuning of volumes (responsiveness of adjustment) is provided as a best effort with this feature release.

How to enable dynamic performance scaling with autotuning for a volume

This capability is available from the API, SDK, CLI, Terraform, and the Oracle Cloud Console. Enabling it for a volume in your Console experience is as simple as clicking a checkbox and using a slider on the Edit Volume dialog.

In the Edit Volume dialog, check the Performance-based Autotune option, and on the performance slider, select the default VPUs per GB and maximum VPUs per GB values.

A screenshot of the Edit Volume page showing the option for performance-based autotune.

You can also change the Detached Volume Autotune setting as previously announced.

For details of different volume performance levels based on VPUs per GB, and guaranteed IOPS and throughput for all options, see the OCI Block Volume performance documentation and the 300,000 IOPS per volume blog post.

You can monitor the performance characteristics and settings for a volume using the volume metrics and audit logs.

A screenshot of the graphs for autotune metrics in the Oracle Cloud Console.