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Load balancer for cross-regional (global) traffic
By: Date: 31/07/2023 Categories: azure Tags:

The geo-redundant High Availability scenarios that can be enabled using Azure Standard Load Balancing include: Your cross-region load balancer’s frontend IP setup is static and advertised in the majority of Azure regions. A list of participating regions There are limitations: A cross-region (global) load balancer can only be deployed to a home region. Make sure…

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Monitor your networks using Azure Network Watcher
By: Date: 31/10/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

Azure Network Watcher is a regional service that enables you to monitor and diagnose conditions at a network scenario level in, to, and from Azure. Scenario level monitoring enables you to diagnose problems at an end-to-end network level view. Network diagnostic and visualization tools available with Network Watcher help you understand, diagnose, and gain insights…

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Integrate your App Service with Azure virtual networks
By: Date: 28/10/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

Virtual network integration for Azure servicesIntegrating Azure services to an Azure virtual network enables private access to the service from virtualmachines or compute resources in the virtual network. You can integrate Azure services in your virtualnetwork with the following options:● Deploying dedicated instances of the service into a virtual network. The services can then be…

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Deploying Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Linux Servers.
By: Date: 13/06/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

Hi IT Pro,   The following is step-by-step document for Defender for Endpoint Linux (MD ATP for Linux) deployment.  Let’s start your MD for Endpoint Linux deployment!  ________________________________ Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Linux (MD ATP)support for Linux with kernel version 3.10.0-327 or later, including the following Linux flavours :  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 or higher  CentOS 7.2 or higher  Ubuntu 16.04 LTS…

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Network Security Group Monitoring
By: Date: 09/06/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

Intro Brad Watts here to explore monitoring of your Network Security Groups (NSGs). I was approached recently by a customer wanting to better understand changes being made to the many NSGs in their environment. Working with them, we came up with an Azure Workbook that provides a centralized view of both current settings on your NSGs along with any changes that have been…

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VPN access to Azure from macOS with Azure Active Directory authentication
By: Date: 03/06/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

Whether you are using Microsoft Azure for development, for production workloads, or for both, it’s important to consider the security of the connections to those cloud systems. Virtual private networks are often used to encrypt traffic between a device and Azure using a private tunnel over the public internet – especially for information and systems…

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Deploying DDoS Protection Standard with Azure Policy
By: Date: 25/05/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

One of the most important questions customers ask when deploying Azure DDoS Protection Standard for the first time is how to manage the deployment at scale. A DDoS Protection Plan represents an investment in protecting the availability of resources, and this investment must be applied intentionally across an Azure environment. Creating a DDoS Protection Plan and…

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Azure WAF Custom Rule Samples and Use Cases
By: Date: 25/05/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

This post will detail how to use Custom Rules on Azure WAF, including some examples of common use cases fulfilled by this rule type. Custom Rules provide a versatile way to build controls that fulfill security requirements and protect applications from attacks that are unique to your applications. WAF Rule Types and Processing Azure WAF…

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Azure Firewall Manager Is Now Integrated with Azure Security Center
By: Date: 19/05/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

Introduction Azure Security Center is a unified infrastructure security management system that strengthens the security posture of your data centers, and provides advanced threat protection across your hybrid workloads in the cloud – whether they’re in Azure or not – as well as on premises.  Azure Firewall Manager is a security management service that provides…

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Introducing Packet Monitor
By: Date: 09/04/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

Network connectivity issues are often hard to diagnose. There are multiple machines involved in a single data transfer; at least two endpoints and a complex network infrastructure in the middle. Lately, with the introduction of network virtualization, more of the infrastructure capabilities like routing and switching are being integrated into the endpoints. The additional complexity in…

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Azure Front Door enhances secure cloud CDN with intelligent threat protection
By: Date: 19/02/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

This blog post was co-authored by Jessie Jia, Senior Program Manager The Internet is the new corporate network and the fabric that connects users, devices, and data to applications of all types. It is foundational to how organizations run their businesses, engage their customers, conduct commerce, operate their supply chain, and enable their employees to work from anywhere. However, while the Internet is highly scalable and ever expanding, it…

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Azure Firewall Premium now in public preview
By: Date: 18/02/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

With the new Azure Firewall Premium now in public preview, you can now perform the following new capabilities: Transport Layer Security (TLS) Inspection: Azure Firewall Premium decrypts outbound traffic, performs the required value-added security functions and re-encrypt the traffic which is sent to the original destination. Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS): Azure Firewall Premium…

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A lot of people have been waiting for this: VNet peering and Azure Bastion (Preview) ☁
By: Date: 13/11/2020 Categories: azure Tags: ,

Azure Bastion and VNet peering can be used together. When VNet peering is configured, you don’t have to deploy Azure Bastion in each peered VNet. This means if you have an Azure Bastion host configured in one virtual network (VNet), it can be used to connect to VMs deployed in a peered VNet without deploying…

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Introducing Azure Load Balancer insights using Azure Monitor for Networks
By: Date: 27/06/2020 Categories: azure Tags:

We are excited to announce that Azure Load Balancer customers now have instant access to a packaged solution for health monitoring and configuration analysis. Built as part of Azure Monitor for Networks, customers now have topological maps for all their Load Balancer configurations and health dashboards for their Standard Load Balancers preconfigured with relevant metrics. Through this, you…

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