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How to Monitor AMI events using EventBridge
By: Date: 23/05/2022 Categories: AWS Tags:

You can use Amazon EventBridge to detect and react to these events. You do this by creating rules in EventBridge that trigger an action in response to an event. For example, you can create an EventBridge rule that detects when the AMI creation process has completed and then invokes an Amazon SNS topic to send…

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Configuring HTTPS Endpoints on AWS Lambda Functions with AWS Lambda Function URLs
By: Date: 20/04/2022 Categories: AWS,AWScommunity Tags:

Introduction There are a few things to consider when deciding when to use a function URL versus building an API Gateway endpoint. Function URLs are best suited for single-function microservices with a public endpoint that doesn’t require the advanced functionality of API Gateway. Function URLs can be used to apply the following patterns: Mono-Lambda APIs:…

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