Cross Subscription Restore for #Azure Virtual Machines
By: Date: 24/08/2023 Categories: azure Tags:

You can now restore your Azure VMs to another subscription within the same tenant of the subscription where source VM is present, provided you have the relevant permissions to restore in that secondary subscription. By default, restore happens in the same subscription where the source virtual machine is present.

This feature is only allowed if you have Cross Subscription Restore property enabled for your Recovery Services vault.

Cross Subscription Restore allows you to restore by either creating a VM or restoring the disks. You can use Cross Zonal Restore and (/or) Cross Region Restore) as well along with this restore option.


  • Original Location Recovery (OLR) and Item level Restore (ILR) are not supported.
  • VMs with ADE disks aren’t supported.
  • Cross Subscription Restore from Snapshots tier isn’t supported. You can do Cross Subscription Restore only from Vault-tier recovery points.
  • Only Managed VMs are supported with this feature.

Cross Region restore can be used to restore Azure VMs in the secondary region