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Azure portal Migrate Azure Data Lake Storage from Gen1 to Gen2
By: Date: 30/05/2022 Categories: azure Tags:

Gen2 migrate using the Azure portal, follow the below steps: Step 1: Assess readiness Verify RBAC role assignments Migrate Azure Data Lake Analytics workloads (if any) Step 2: Create a storage account with Gen2 capabilities Step 3: Migrate data using the Azure portal Step 4: Migrate workloads and applications Step 1: Verify RBAC role assignments For Gen2, ensure that…

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Use AzCopy
By: Date: 31/12/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

An alternative method for transferring data is AzCopy. AzCopy v10 is the next-generation command-lineutility for copying data to/from Microsoft Azure Blob and File storage, which offers a redesigned command-line interface and new architecture for high-performance reliable data transfers. Using AzCopy, youcan copy data between a file system and a storage account, or between storage accounts….

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How to set Azure blob for Immutable storage
By: Date: 01/08/2021 Categories: azure Tags: ,

Immutable storage for Azure blob that enables users to store business-critical data in a WORM (Write Once, Read Many) state. Immutable storage supports two types of policies:Time-based retention Legal holdSelect from Azure PortalTime-based retention Immutable storage supports two types of policies: Time-based retention Time-based retention allows users to add policies and store data for a…

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Azure Storage — Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC) now available for preview
By: Date: 07/05/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

Attribute-based access control (ABAC) is an authorization strategy that defines access levels based on attributes associated with security principals, resources, requests, and the environment. Azure ABAC builds on role-based access control (RBAC) by adding conditions to Azure role assignments in the existing identity and access management (IAM) system. This preview includes support for role assignment conditions on Blobs…

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Using Service Principal with AzCopy & Azure CLI to manage blobs in Storage Account
By: Date: 06/03/2021 Categories: azure Tags:

In this blog we will look at using service principals with AzCopy and Azure CLI to connect to storage accounts and manage blob data. An Azure service principal is an identity created for use with applications, hosted services, and automated tools to access Azure resources. This access is restricted by the roles assigned to the…

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