Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and the Services to help you get there
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Today’s IT landscape is constantly changing. Legacy strategies of static, “stable,” image-based deployments and isolated patching may create brittle architectures, server sprawl, and highly restrictive platforms. We believe modern workloads should be scalable whether they’re deployed across bare metal, virtual, or cloud environments. To deliver performance, enhance reliability, and empower innovation, a holistic strategy is called for—one that prioritizes controlled evolution over static environments.

Evolve for Speed, Control, and Innovation

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is now easier than ever to adopt thanks to Red Hat Insights and other improvements, while Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 offers organizations a broad range of hardware, software, and public cloud support. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, customers can decide where the best place is to run their applications – bare metal, virtual, private or public cloud, delivering the same consistent experience.

Built-in management with Red Hat Insights combined with the new RHEL Smart Management add-on capabilities, and Red Hat Satellite, enables customers to do more with less. Features like OpenSCAP pave the way for automated regulatory compliance checks and remediation of vulnerabilities and improve security configurations ​across systems and within containers.

Red Hat Services is available to collaborate with organizations to accelerate their transition to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and to apply its capabilities to their own mission. Red Hat Training offers updated curriculum as well as a new course to update experienced Linux administrators on new features and capabilities.

Red Hat Consulting offers mentoring-based engagements to define strategy, speed adoption, and maximize these new capabilities. Our subject matter experts help customers not only balance the evolution and stability of the product, but also standardize services and streamline upgrades.

Below is a services-assisted approach that  can increase confidence, stability, reliability, and efficiency while assisting customers to achieve their own innovation.

Red Hat Consulting

Here are a few of the ways we can help as you prepare to adopt Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.


  • Deliver services faster and more easily with Red Hat Insights and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
  • Embrace new features to improve performance, scale, and manageability
  • Reduce the friction and cost of change in support of service delivery readiness
  • Focus time and attention on managing and running applications, regardless of the underlying infrastructure


  • Eliminate guesswork and errors with proven, standardized systems delivery and management
  • Slash wait time and labor with fully automated provisioning of virtual and bare metal servers
  • Maintain environment and operational consistency throughout your infrastructure


  • Identify, assess, and resolve risks with prescriptive analytics
  • Support auditing and compliance reporting requirements with centralized content management
  • Define and enforce security and compliance on Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems using OpenSCAP

Red Hat Training and Certification

Readiness goes beyond installation and configuration. We want to help your teams prepare for using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 in production. Here’s how we can help you get ready for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 with courses and exams.

  • Prepares operators, managers, principal system administrators and other IT professionals for deployments and migrations to the new release
  • Offers a method of training that is convenient – classroom, online or at your site
  • Start with an assessment to test your skills by role or product
  • Available in over 200 countries with translations in up to 9 languages
  • Skills are validated through performance-based, hands-on certification exams

Here are a few of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 training courses and exams we will offer.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 New Features for Experienced Linux Administrators

Red Hat Enterprise System Administration I

Red Hat Enterprise System Administration II


Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)

Red Hat Enterprise Certified Engineer

The Red Hat Services Difference

Working directly with Red Hat engineering and support organizations, Red Hat Consulting and Training teams bring advanced skills to deliver solutions using Red Hat products and open standards. With unfettered access to upcoming features and product roadmaps, our teams are uniquely positioned to align teams, streamline processes, and make enterprise systems and applications work together using Red Hat solutions.

  • Straight from the source: Red Hat Consulting teams communicate directly with Red Hat support and product development organizations.
  • Diverse technical experience: Red Hat Consulting maintains deep expertise with open source and proprietary systems. Our guidance is based on a holistic understanding of building enterprise systems, not just our own products.
  • Mentor-based engagements: Red Hat Consulting’s approach gives clients the information and skills they need to adopt Red Hat solutions in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Crucial, real-world training: Red Hat Training and Certification develops role-based knowledge through hands-on training building real-world skills.

For more information on Red Hat Services, visit our Red Hat Consulting and Red Hat Training and Certification pages. If you are attending Red Hat Summit, the Customer Success Zone is located at booth #445, stop by to chat with our services and support folks and find out about our consulting, training, certification, technical support, and more.